Good News and Bad…

Well this is one of those “good news/bad news” posts. The good news is
that Daniel is producing some truly awesome model sheets, and I want to
share some previews of them. The bad news is that they aren’t going to
be done on time. So, I’m slipping the pre-production schedule by one
month to accomodate (i.e. Kickstart rewards should go out in May, now).

We’re breaking a lot of new territory on the project, at least for us, and
this isn’t the first and probably not the last time I’ll misjudge the
schedule. I had estimated model-sheet production based on Daniel’s time
on the concept sheets, but he’s doing a much higher quality of work on
the model sheets, and it takes some time (and unlike some of us, Daniel
has a full-time day job to keep up with, too).

I suspect I could’ve gotten my part done on time, but I have to admit, an extra month makes me feel a little less stressed, too.

So we’re opting for quality (and sanity) and letting the schedule
slip a bit, instead. This means that the Kickstart rewards will be
going out in May instead of in April as originally predicted. I’m sorry
about that — and I will try to have a preview download available in
April so you can see the parts that are complete by then.

However, five of the sixteen model sheets have been drawn, and I
want to share a quick peek at them here. The originals are multi-layer
SVG vector graphic files (Daniel has been working in Adobe Illustrator
and exporting to SVG. I’ve been converting these to Inkscape SVG format
with layers and metadata as I receive them).

The layered format means these have a lot of information in them for
modelers, and yet they are very consistent.  For example, here’s four
different layer selections taken from the “Hiromi” model sheet:


So far, we have five of the model sheets, as you can see below. I’m very happy with these, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.


Anya Titova Farmer

John Robert Lerner

Hiromi Aoki Lerner

Georgiana Lerner

Sarah Allison

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