Audiodrama version: Meta-conceptual artist R. Allen Emerson joins the colony to observe a lunar eclipse from the Moon
(where the sun is eclipsed by the Earth), just as Josh is having problems getting the colony’s first crops started.

Trailers, Demos, Pitch Videos

Videos we’ve prepared to promote Lunatics! or demonstrate our progress.

Preview 2013 Production Kickstarter Pitch Video (Revised version with the shorter teaser at the beginning).
Preview Demo/Teaser Trailer for Lunatics! “No Children in Space”. This was conceived as an early trailer project because it requires a minimum of 3D assets.
It shows the flight into space aboard a Soyuz from the point of view of seven-year-old Georgiana Lerner.
Preview This is a functional turnaround of the “Gagarin’s Start” launch pad at Baikonur created by Chris Kuhn.
Our goal was to demonstrate the complexity and rigging functionality of this mechanical model.
Preview Full animatic for the pilot episode. An animatic is a director’s tool, especially useful for animation. It’s a series of sketches that gives us
a map of what shots we need to create for the episode. This is the full download site for backers as well as an embedded YouTube playlist
with the episode broken into four major parts.


These aren’t exactly “production” videos, yet. They’re really more like experiments to understand the tools and techniques better. We are constantly learning!

Preview The same animatic shot as before, but with the color-coded framing marks removed. This is the shot as used in the animatic or “story reel”. See also the Free Software Magazine article, “Creating a moving story-reel shot with Inkscape and Blender”
Preview An animatic shot with panning, created in Blender. This version shows color coded framing marks I used as an aid in setting up the shot. See also the Free Software Magazine article, “Creating a moving story-reel shot with Inkscape and Blender”
Preview An early animatic of the Soyuz rollout scene, created with Kino for a Free Software Magazine
tutorial. This has been changed significantly, and we’ve transitioned to using Blender’s
scene editor for animatics.
Preview An experiment with ARSS — a tool for creating sound effects from scratch by painting their audio spectra. More detail in the Free Software Magazine article, “Painting Sound with ARSS and Gimp”.