Meet the Team: Chris Kuhn

Update on our Kickstarter Campaign: “Meet Mechanical Modeler Chris Kuhn” –
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Meet the Team:

Chris Kuhn (Principal Mechanical Modeler)

Over the course of 2012, we had a total of over 30 people work on Lunatics!
But there was still a lot to do in 2013. We got a huge boost from mechanical modeler Chris Kuhn joining the team this Summer:

Lead Mech Modeler: Chris Kuhn

Chris Kuhn has been a Blender enthusiast since 2009, and a sci-fi nerd
since the age of six.  He specializes in high-poly mechanical models
and constraint-based rigging.  He is the author of two books and the
owner of “Kuhn Industries” on Facebook.

Chris also has an electronics background (with a specialty in RF
systems).  He enjoys traveling, working on cars, and building
semi-functional gadgets with spare parts.  Chris was drawn to the
Lunatics! project by both the story and characters – the idea of
exceptional people going to space seemed a tad more realistic than
what you typically find at the movies.

Chris currently lives in Germany with his wife Jessie.

Although many of the models for Lunatics! are going to
be time-consuming to create, the ones Chris has been working on are
among the very hardest, most complex models, where his expertise with
mechanical modeling and rigging is basically indispensable.

If you visit Chris’s page on BlendSwap (Kuhnindustries), you can see that
he’s done a lot of science-fictional and real aerospace models. He’s also
known for his book on rigging mechanical models with Blender’s constraints
system — which is exactly what he has been doing for us on Lunatics!

Chris knows the Blender constraints system better than anyone I know of! And his rigs really make the animating easy for us!

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