Meet the Team: William Roberts as Rob Lerner

William Roberts is an excellent and experienced actor, and he does a terrific
job with the part of Rob Lerner, the colony leader. In fact, he’s so
perfect at it, there’s isn’t much specific to say, except “it’s
perfect”. He’s got the right tone, the right mix of inspiration and
realism, and just that little touch of worrying charisma. You do feel
that if this guy talked you into walking off a cliff, you just might do
it. But fortunately for you, his heart’s in the right place.

Dr. John Robert Lerner, founder of the International Space
Foundation, will be joining the first true human settlement on a planet
beyond the confines of this Earth. He and a group of pioneering
colonists will be settling permanently at the International Space
Foundation Colony on the northern Border of Mare Imbrium at the Laplace
Promentary. This is a crowning achievement for the Mechanical Engineer
who has given the last twenty-five years of his life supporting this
cause which soon will come to fruition.

Dr. Lerner received his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering for
his work on long duration regenerative life support systems. A frequent
lecturer at the University of Arizona and founder of the

Lunar Independent Biosphere Research Experiment (LIBRE)

whose lunar colony simulation was used for training all ISF candidate colonization teams.

Rob Lerner is the one who started this madness by creating the
International Space Foundation. He also stepped down from his position
as “Founder and President” to be part of the first colony. So he’s a
very important character — in his own way very passionate, charismatic,
and just a little bit crazy. But you know, in a good way.

We also get to see another side of Rob as a family man — as a husband and
father. He’s not exactly perfect at either. His ideological devotion to
the mission of colonizing the Moon sometimes gets in the way of family.
But he loves Hiromi, and Georgiana is his little girl. They’re more
traditional about their roles than Anya and Josh are.

William Roberts

Raised in Oregon and northern California, William Roberts
acted and directed at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival, Ashland,
Oregon, from 1963 to 1972. He acquired a B.A. in Theatre Arts from
Humboldt State College, Arcata, California in 1967 and a Diploma in
Drama at the University of Manchester in the UK in 1969, where he has
resided since then. He has acted on stage as well as in radio,
television, and film productions.

  • Infinite Justice (2006), “Walensky”
  • Afterlife (TV series) – Sleeping with the Dead (2005), “Maslansky”
  • Cold Mountain (2003), “Grayling”
  • Down (2001), “Special Agent in Charge”
  • Balto (1995), “Rosy’s Father”
  • The Affair (TV movie) (1995), “Clark”
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (TV mini-series) – Episode Three (1994), “Mr. Scadder”
  • Paul Merton: The Series (TV series) – Episode #2.4 (1993)
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (TV series)    Transylvania, January 1918 (1993), “Stanfill”
  • ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (video short) (1992), Narrator
  • Inspector Morse (TV series) – Fat Chance (1991), “Hank Briardale”

Rather than a speech, here’s a bit of dialog featuring Rob when Hiromi and Georgiana arrive at the colony:

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