Lunatics! Audiodrama: “Earth”

We’ve completed our first production, which is an audiodrama:


The colonists are joined by meta-conceptual artist R. Allen Emerson as part
of his project to experience a lunar eclipse as viewed from the Moon,
while Josh struggles with a new problem getting the colonies first crops

This episode worked particularly well as an audiodrama, and we’re very excited to have been able to finish an entire episode!

You can stream or download the FULL EPISODE (34 minutes) from our site here:

We are also offering the episode on Audio CD along with some extras, in an IndieGoGo Campaign:

This is a “flexible funding” campaign, which avoids the problems of falling
through if we don’t make a specific goal (because at this point, partial
funding is better than no funding — we’re past the ‘threshold
problem’), and we’ve set a much lower goal of $3000 which is meant to
cover producing the audio CD pressing costs, shipping and handling, and
(hopefully) paying a little bit to the actors in the production.

Should we raise more than these base costs, it will go towards the 3D modeling
work for the animated production. Or… for sponsorships of $200 or
more, you can tell us where you’d like your money to be spent —
on the voice actors, the 3D modelers, the writing/producing/design team,
computer hardware for rendering animation, or to pay the musicians
whose work we’re using.

We could also use some non-monetary help:
in particular, we’re looking for more venues to get “Earth” released.
Possibly we could enter it into festivals or competitions, get it on
independent radio stations, or other places. Anyone who could review it
for a podcast or for reddit or sci-fi fan groups, or whatever. We can’t
really publish in those places ourselves, because that’s
“self-promotion” which is too much like spam. So we have to rely on
people who like the show (a.k.a. “fans”) to spread the word about it.

Of course, the episode remains CC By-SA 3.0, including voices, music,
and sound effects. Full credits are available on the download page (I even
made them clicky!).

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Terry Hancock is the director and producer of "Lunatics!" and the founder for "Lunatics Project" and the associated "Film Freedom" Project. Misskey (Professional/Director Account) Mastodon (Personal Account)