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Hiromi strapping Georgiana into her seat on Soyuz in a video playing inside ResourceSpace

May 2022 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: This became another month of IT work. Mostly I did migrations of data to the new…

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March 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Received colorimeter. Tried to use it on monitor, but monitor is too far out of alignment…

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February 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Got quotes from Windstream and Nextlink on better internet connection – decided on switching to Nextlink…

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June 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Subversion/Trac Installation Notes (Migration Plans) New Soyuz reference photos (including button labels and the Orbital Module…

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September 2016 Summary

Highlights Basic computer maintenance. Work on commercial software contract. Studio Library Construction Work This month I continued…

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June 2016 Summary

Highlights Progress Bar for Website Fundraisers I tried creating an Patreon-API based “progress bar” to put on…

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Lunatics! Audiodrama: “Earth”

We’ve completed our first production, which is an audiodrama: The colonists are joined by meta-conceptual artist R. Allen Emerson as part of his project to experience a lunar eclipse as viewed from the Moon, while Josh struggles with a new problem getting the colonies first crops started. This episode worked particularly well as an audiodrama, and we’re very excited to have been able to finish an entire episode! You can stream or download the FULL EPISODE (34 minutes) from our site here: http://lunatics.tv/z/s1e02a We are also offering the episode on Audio CD along with some extras, in an IndieGoGo Campaign: http://igg.me/at/lunatics/x/1057944

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“Earth” audio drama is released!

We’ve just posted the audio drama for the episode “Earth” in OGG and MP3 formats for downloading or streaming from the download page. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Music from “No Children in Space”

Want a sneak peek at the music we are putting into the “No Children in Space” soundtrack? We’re putting together a playlist on YouTube with some of the featured tracks (just two tracks so far, but I’ll be adding more to this playlist daily). ( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL70E9944AD49E1D96 )

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From the “No Children in Space” soundtrack – Soyuz Flight sequence

Here is a suite of three tracks by Butterfly Tea (“Rise of the Titans”, “Back to Adventure”, and “Andorria Main Title”) which will accompany the Soyuz launch sequence in the pilot episode: A few questions have been raised about this music and its licensing, which I feel I should probably answer here: It is my belief that focusing on the positive value of free-licensed work and providing artists with a revenue stream from that work will help to increase the perceived value of releasing under free licenses, and ultimately provide a wider pool of material for us to draw on in the future. As with many other aspects of the “Lunatics” business plan, this is all about sustainability .

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