Free and PD Art Resource Bookmarks List

I’ve gotten requests to publish a list
of free-licensed resources used for Lunatics, and I have accumulated a
very long list of them in my browser bookmarks collection. I don’t
really have time to edit this down into a more digestible format, but it
wasn’t too hard to export the bookmarks and import them into my news
blog here. So here you go: links to all kinds of free art resources!


I’ve gotten requests to make a list of free-licensed online
collections available, since I have been collecting them for a long time
for Lunatics. I don’t have time to do this in a carefully-curated way,
but my browser does have a bookmark export tool! So this is a
lightly-edited output copied from a bookmark export, and there’s not a
whole lot of description or prioritization. However, I generally do move
the most important resources to the top of the list in each category as
I’m browsing, so there is some order here!



Prelinger Archives : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

You’ve probably seen some of this stuff — very popular for remixes.

Stock Footage : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Nifty collection of short clips. Sort of clip-art for movies.

Steal This Footage
Raw footage from interviews that went into “Steal This Film II”, which is
about Pirate Bay, copyright, free-culture, etc. Some great stuff here,
under free license.

NASA’s Fortieth Anniversary: Audio and Video Clips
Want to find a NASA film?

Home – Digital Tipping Point

Browse Top Level > Moving Images > The Digital Tipping Point
Neat collection of interview footage on free-culture and free-software topics.
I can’t advise you on whether using free-licensed interview footage
will give you legal trouble with “personality rights” of the people
being interviewed. You’ll have to investigate that on your own (some of
the sites above may address this issue, but I’m not sure).




Top music source for Lunatics, by far.

CC Trax
Recent add — looks great.

Music Creative Commons Attribution License free download and re-use « RADIO-TOM.COM
Folk music stuff. — discover new music
All free-licensed music. Kind of a sparse site design, designed for mobile
use, but the collection is nice, and they have a lot of stuff that has
disappeared elsewhere.

opsound: free love, free music
Collaborative music production site.

Musopen – Free Public Domain Classical Music
Classical music, all PD — awesome archive, and these folks commission new work, using crowd-funding.

Free Music Archive
A meta-archive.

Search Tracks on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free
Everybody knows about soundcloud. Licenses are hit-and-miss, and I don’t always
trust authors to credit their own sources. Be wary. was awesome for J-Pop, but no longer exists. On the other hand, there’s more J-Pop on Jamendo now.
Other stuff:

Music collaboration, share music tracks, Pro Tools, GarageBand, Sonar, remix, share beats –

The Roots Music Listening Room

Country/Folk | Fun Fun Fun Media

Free Music List — Public Domain 4U

American Popular Music 1900 to 1950 – LSC-Kingwood

Public Domain Music

Releases | aaahh records

Space Disc Jockey

paniq: music from the other side of the universe

tawalker | The 50/90 Challenge

CCBySA-Safe Sound F/X –

Best source for F/X sound, categorized by license – many are CC 0, CC By, or CC By-SA.

:: soundtransit :: home
Best source for sound ambience, all By-SA licensed.

Category:Sound – Wikimedia Commons
Don’t forget Wikimedia.Others are mostly cruft, but you might get lucky:


Alc Ljuddesign

Free Sound Effects – animals, baby sounds, vehicles, weather, special effects and more!

3D Models | Free Blender 3D Models | Come swap some blends with friends.
The best!

The Official Blender Model Repository – Free Blender Resources
I think this is where the best used to be, but anyway, there’s still some stuff here.

Blender Open Material Repository – download blender materials/shaders for free!
Great collection of PD pre-configured materials for Blender. Great as-is or as a learning resource for making new materials.

Art Mainpage |
Textures, mostly. | Free, legal art for open source game projects
Mostly low-poly stuff.

3D Models – ShareCG
Searchable by license. Variety of formats.

Home | 3D Resources (Beta)
NASA spacecraft models, mostly. May not be detailed enough, but excellent as reference.

Vegetation A – G
Greens models.

Yorik’s blender greenhouse
Greens modeling stuff based on ngPlant
Others: – 3D Models and Objects

Free 3D Models | High quality 3d models library

Tell Your Story in 3D: 3D Software, 3D Content, and 3D Community on – Standardized 3D Object Database

Free 3D Models, 3D Studio Max Models, 3DS Max models, Free 3D Textures, Download free. For Interior Design

Only Delicious 3D Models! | Top 3D models

3D Model Libraries Free Download, GDL Objects and 2D Shapes

Free 3d Models

Free download textures, modelli 3D, free 3d models, free rendering tutorials

Digital Animators Models

60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites
Meta-list. My 2011 review for Free Software Magazine.

Human photo references and textures for artists –
Reference photos. I got this referral from Angela Guennette/Ponder Studios’
character modeling tutorial. Also, I found a camel here.
Other / Uncategorized Stuff:


The Internet Speculative Fiction Database


Content Directories – CC Wiki

Blender Addon List

The Humble eBook Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

The Digital Comic Museum

Open Culture

The Getty Adds Another 77,000 Images to its Open Content Archive – Open Culture

Explore the collection – Rijksmuseum
Museum art collection.

National Gallery of Art | NGA Images
Museum art collection.

GSG: highlights=Open Content Images


Creative Commons — Kickstarter

BurningWell.Org – Free Public Domain Images and Photos

The OpenPhoto Project

Safe Creative: Log in

AGF81 on deviantART

Free Stock Textures – High Resolution Free Photos

Mayang’s Free Texture Library
– Free Textures, Brushes, Patterns, and Design Articles! | Welcome to
my Repository of Free Textures, Brushes, Patterns and Design Articles.

Free High Resolution Textures – Lost and Taken

World of Free and Open Source Art – P2P Foundation

Statens Museum for Kunst: Free download of art works
Freaking awesome high-quality paintings from the National Gallery of Denmark. The “print” in Anya’s office is from here.

The Public Domain Review |

Open Font Library – Open Font Library

Free Cyrillic Fonts
Truetype fonts. In cyrillic. Looked hard to find this!

Jovanny Lemonad

FREE Andrew Loomis Art Instruction Downloads | ILLUSTRATION AGE
Free e-book on drawing. – the encyclopedia of painting

The British Library Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Photojournal: NASA’s Image Access Home Page
NASA/JPL planetary photos.

Digitante on deviantART
Don’t discount Deviantart. A lot of content is free. But it’s not so easy to search by license.

Vector Art – A Digital Illustration Blog

Free Vector Graphics free download and share your vector

Reusable Art

Public Domain Clip Art

Public domain book illustrations – a set on Flickr

Wikinfo:Resources/Public Domain Images – Wikinfo

Famous People – Guides, Reference Aids, and Finding Aids (Prints andPhotographs ReadingRoom, Library of Congress)

Portrait Gallery — University of Texas Libraries

Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!!!

Commons:Free media resources/Photography – Wikimedia Commons

Project Gutenberg – free ebooks online download for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader

G U T E N B E R G – D I G I T A L

The Compleat Muybridge Home
Animators love Muybridge.

Importing Google SketchUp files into Blender 3D : KatsBits TUTORIALS

sketchupblender – alexvaqp

IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Search Results – Search Yale Digital Commons

DUBLAB Turning on Tomorrow Proton Drive

The Project Apollo Archive
Hi-resolution digitized photos from Apollo lunar missions.
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