Beginning Principal Animation

Wow. This week, I’ve started animating!
We’ve had some nearly-final shots for awhile — the “Earth in Space”
shots, but those were kind of trivial. I’m now working on a complex
“real” shot for the first time. It’s a particularly tough one close to
the beginning of the Pilot (and the “Prolog” and the “Preview” based on
the Pilot). I’ll go into some detail on the construction of this shot in
our Patreon “Patron Newsletter” this month.


The first real shot that I’m animating is the “Train Exterior” shot
at the beginning of the Kazakhstan train sequence in the pilot. This is a
shot I’ve been planning for over four years — so talk about “delayed
gratification”, this is it. I first published an animatic version of
this shot in a tutorial I wrote for Free Software Magazine

in 2010. It hasn’t really changed that much in concept, although of course, it’s looking a lot more real now!

CREDITS: train model is by Chris Kuhn. Plants, rails, etc by Terry Hancock. Materials and rendering by Terry Hancock.

An early (still quite clunky) version of the shot, with some notes can be seen on Vimeo:

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