Privacy Policy

Privacy Notes

We don’t collect any information from you to provide access to this site, beyond what is necessary to serve the page  (it’s a standard WordPress installation, and we don’t allow public membership at this time, so there’s nothing you have to sign up for).  Your access to the site may be tracked by third party elements, including: Google fonts, Gumroad, PayPal

We do standard web-logging, of course. This includes your browser info, referrer information, and IP addresses, which are retained for web traffic measurement and security reasons.

Supporting us on Patreon of course involves agreement to Patreon’s Privacy Policy.

Anything you voluntarily contribute to our project, whether through our website or not is subject to our Copyright and Licensing Terms, which may be summarized as requiring that you have the right to license the work to us and that you agree we may re-release it under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Version 4.0 (or later), International, with a handful of special exceptions for reference-only material.