Themes in Lunatics – #12 “Irrational Reasons versus Rational Excuses for Space Pioneering”

Continuing with themes in the stories for Lunatics… Here’s number twelve:

Theme #12

Irrational Reasons versus Rational Excuses for Space Pioneering

I know a number of space advocates who claim they want to develop space
in order to get “filthy rich”. This is (or was, at least) a very popular
claim, especially among openly Libertarian or Republican space
enthusiasts as part of a “business-oriented” agenda. There’s just one
problem: I don’t care what business plan you come up with, I guarantee
you there is an easier way to make that money here on Earth than to do
it by developing space.

Which does not mean you shouldn’t do it.
It’s just that if you’re telling yourself you are doing it for
economically rational reasons, you are lying to yourself, and that never
ends well. I propose that we acknowledge and embrace the irrational.
Because the irrational reasons for developing space are the best ones:
e.g. “because it’s there!”

We’ll see a little of both the acceptance and the bizarre mind-games
of rationalization that goes on around real space projects in Lunatics.

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