Starting 2012 with pre-production work

Well, the holidays went well, and now
it’s back to work. This week, I’ve spent on defining the spec for the
model and design sheets to get Daniel started, and also working on some
additional reference research on Soyuz to support modeling the Soyuz
re-entry (and ascent) module which we’re going to need for an early
animation test.

It’s always a little hard coming back up to speed after a
holiday break, but considering that, things have gone pretty well this
week. This week I mostly spent putting together materials to get other
people started on tasks. This always takes longer than I think it’s
going to — it can take a long time to find appropriate reference
materials and edit wiki pages. But I think I’m done with that for

I also started signing concept art posters and getting them ready to
ship. I forgot to order mailing tubes, though, so those are adding a few
days to my turn-around time.  They’re supposed to get here in a
couple of days.

I had hoped to get to moving Blend files into Subversion this week, but it looks like I’ll be doing that next week.

All-in-all, a good start for the year.

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