Sending out concept art posters


I got the concept art posters back from the printers today, and they look
really nice. As I mentioned earlier, I printed enough for all backers,
because they really didn’t cost much after the first 10 or so which were
already spoken for.

So, if you’ve received a survey notice, be sure to fill in your address so I can send you the poster.

For those of you who selected “no reward”, I sent out a regular email —
I’d still like to send you a poster. Just email me (i.e. at “digitante
at gmail dot com”) an address to which you’d like me to send it.

If you have not received a survey query or an email, that’s probably
because you’ve selected rewards which will arrive in April after we’ve
completed the pre-production work. Kickstarter only allows me to send
out a survey once, and so it’s safer to send it out right before
shipping. But I will reserve one of these posters and include it with
your other rewards.


Over the holiday break, we’ve had some time to hash out a few details, and
I got Ubuntu Studio re-installed on Rosalyn’s computer, which will definitely
help with the writing (for awhile there, we were sharing the one computer).
The first thing in January will of course be to start Daniel off on the character
design work.

After that, I’ll be focusing on getting our “production” Trac & Subversion site
populated. I’ve had a number of queries about that, and I hate to turn people
away when they want to get involved with something as important as modeling.
So I’ll be working to get all of the existing “blend” files uploaded to the server.

I’m also going to be working immediately on the interior Soyuz orbiter
“reentry module”
set for the “teaser trailer” — one of several sets I’ll be
working on during this phase. This one will give us a chance to test out our
production workflow on a small project.

And of course, I’ll be catching up with Brett Hartshorn on his progress with
Pyppet, which will be key to our next phase. In a private conversation, he’s
indicated that we won’t need to do a Kickstarter to support his project
work, but we did send him a small donation to help with equipment costs.

I can hardly wait!

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