Mailed first batch of concept art posters out

Today, I finally got the concept art posters mailed out to the Kickstarter supporters who are getting just the posters.

Not a huge milestone for the project, but I did get the
posters sent out to the people who are just getting the concept art
posters from the pre-production Kickstart. There were a number of crazy
delays, including that I forgot to order mailing tubes and couldn’t find
appropriate-sized ones in any of the local stores, so I had to order
them and wait for them.

Hopefully, I’ve learned some useful things from the experience and will be a little faster next time!

I also heard back from Daniel Fu, who is starting on the character design work.

This week, I also contacted Hal Tynan about the possibility of doing
some design work for the Soyuz orbiter interior set, which I’m hoping to
use for an early animation test. We’ll have to see about that.

I had intended to start getting the Blend files into the source tree
and onto the Subversion repo this week. I still have one more day —
I’ll work on it tomorrow and see how far I can get.

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