Special Treat – “Art Now!” interview from “Earth”

This is getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we thought it would be a fun extra to share with you all.

is a bit of dialog that Rosalyn wrote for the 2nd episode of Lunatics,
to be called “Earth”. This is our own performance of the dialog,
although we’ll probably have real voice actors re-record the scene for
the final episode. This gave us a chance to test out our recording
equipment and technique. We have a little bit of a room acoustics
problem, but otherwise it worked out quite well. I have an idea for an
acoustic panel made from cardboard that may improve the ambiance

It was also a chance to test out the writing. “No Children in Space” is
intentionally minimalist about dialog (for both aesthetic and practical
production reasons), while “Earth” will be a lot more typical.


Although the artist, R. Allen Emerson, will appear briefly in the teaser,
this “Art Now!” podcast will be the first real introduction to Allen’s
character for the audience as well as the other characters, and it will appear
right after the title sequence. We’ll probably animate their reactions to the
show rather than the show itself. So, try to imagine that as you listen.

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