Principal Voice Cast for the Pilot

We are now announcing the principal
voice cast for the pilot episode of “Lunatics”: William Roberts (Rob),
Karrie Shirou (Hiromi), Ariel Hancock (Georgiana), Lex Quarterman (Tim),
Paul Birchard (Josh), and Veronika Kurshinskaya (Anya). These are the
six series regular characters who will be in the pilot episode. There
are two more regulars coming in episodes 2 and 3, who we have not yet

Principal Voice Cast for the Pilot!

We now have six voice actors confirmed for the pilot episode, who will
play the six series regular characters who appear in the pilot
(Georgiana, Hiromi, Rob, Tim, Josh, and Anya — in order of appearance):

Rob will be played by William Roberts.

Hiromi will be played by Karrie Shirou.

Georgiana will be played by our daughter Ariel after all (we
reviewed auditions from a few adult actresses to be sure this is what
we wanted to do — they were good, but a real child’s voice sounds much
better, and Ariel did quite well on the audition).

Tim will be played by Lex Quarterman.

Josh will be played by Paul Birchard.


Anya will be played by Veronika Kurshinskaya.

Our current front-page video will give you a preview of what our cast sounds
like in character, based on clips from their successful auditions.

We are continuing to review auditions for the two other principals
(Allen and Sarah who will first appear in episodes 2 and 3,
respectively), as well as for supporting roles (and yes, if you want to
submit a read for either of these parts, you can still send to
“auditions at anansispaceworks dot com” and get in under the wire — the
sides for that are on the Voice Casting page still).

Probably next is deciding who will play “Sergei”, Anya’s brother,
who is the cosmonaut/shuttle pilot on the trip to the Moon in the pilot
episode. His role in the pilot might be called a “guest star”
appearance, since he plays a prominent part, even though he doesn’t
become a regular character (we might bring him back later, though).

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