Announcing our Core Animation Team

We are pleased to announce our core team of seven very talented artists
for modeling, rigging, and animation: Andrew Pray, Cosmin Planchon,
Guillaume Côté, Sathish Kumar, Vyacheslav Yastrebcev, Timothée Giet,
and Gorka Mendieta. They will be working on the “teaser trailer” for
“No Children in Space” and some animation tests, all of which will be
released during our Kickstarter campaign (which launches THIS FRIDAY
– JULY 20TH – “MOON DAY”).


After an amazingly successful casting experience, it
seems almost too good to be true that we have such a talented group of
people working on the visual aspect of Lunatics, but it’s really
happening. Andrew Pray is working mainly on character and clothing
models. He’s currently working on Georgiana Lerner in her special
child-size spacesuit. I did not actually expect to have this model
available in the trailer, but we do! Guillaume Côté will be modeling the
actual Soyuz descent module interior set with major components provided by
Cosmin Planchon (who’s modeling the main control panel), Sathish Kumar
(working on Georgiana’s special Kazbek-compatible “child-seat”), and
Gorka Mendieta (the regular Kazbek seats and the rigging). Timothée Giet
is animating the console display graphics as well as painting the exterior view for this sequence.

In addition, Vyacheslav Yastrebcev and Sathish Kumar
will be working on a test model for the lunar landing sequence much
later in the film, which we’ll probably also release during the

I know I’m excited! 🙂

See the video

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