Printing out a Proof of the Artbook!

Well, I didn’t get them finished on Friday or Saturday, but the artbook is
basically done now. Just need to proofread and fix typos and stuff
before sending it to the printer. I’m printing a copy now so I can go
over it with the red pen (no matter how many times I proofread a work
digitally, I always find I need to proofread a hardcopy version or I’ll
miss stuff).

While the artbooks are off getting printed, of
course, I’ll be finishing up the storyboards and getting the data disks
finished. With any luck I’ll have it all neatly wrapped up in just over a
week and be able to start shipping out rewards.

The Kickstarter for the audio production and animatic is sort of scary right now —
we’re at 25% with just 10 days to go. I’m hoping to get a bit more of this material
on the website as well so we have more to attract potential backers on that phase.

I’ll post again soon!


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