Lunar Transportation System Drawings / Status Update on the Artbooks

Continuing work on the Lunatics artbooks:

All of the “Lunar Transportation System” drawings are finished, including
the updated “Space Station Alpha”. The final drawing is the “reference
mission” diagram, attached below. The Soyuz-SF drawings are also
finished. There’s a few edits I have left for the ISF-1 Colony set
plans, and I still need to draw the Iridium reception/terminal area set
plan (one page). Hopefully those won’t take more than tomorrow to
finish, which will just leave the actual typesetting to get them into
the book.

The script for “No Children in Space” is final and
typeset. The script for “Earth” (the 2nd episode) is nearly final,
though it needs a little typesetting attention.

I would really, really like to get the books sent off to the printers by Friday — I’ll let you know if I make it!

Of course, we did audition voice actors this Summer as well as 3D modeling experts,
and we had a go at a Kickstarter to try to fund the entire production
for the pilot episode (starting on Moon Day, July 20th). That did not
work out, but we are now running a smaller one to try to fund just the
voice and sound production as well as an animatic
(we’ve been lucky to
get a good 2D Synfig animator, Timothée Giet who will be able to improve
considerably over my own animatics, which I’ve taken to calling “sketchy-matics”,
and of course the voice and sound production is all ready to go). That’s at about 24%
as I write this — I hope we’ll be able to fund it.

I’ve also sorted out the remaining licensing issues on the soundtrack music licensing, and so I
will be including the complete soundtrack on the data disks and the
download site. Of course, I’m also planning to update the download site
with the new art and scripts. For more frequent updates, do be aware of
our project website news. I also post to Diaspora, Facebook, and Google+.

Thank you very much for your support (and your patience). I know the
pre-production work and rewards are way overdue, and I am working on
them about as fast as I can manage.

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