Artbooks Now Included in Rewards

For our first Kickstarter campaign back in December, we promised a
“Pre-Production Artbook and Writer’s Guide”, which I have just now
uploaded to the printer after a long, long time drawing, writing, and
editing for it. This is a 170-page “story bible” with all of the
essentials in the pilot episode and some additional material for the
second episode as well. This includes set plans, character model sheets,
sketches, character background information, future historical notes,
two full scripts, a bonus short story “The Landing” which was Rosalyn’s
first fictionalization of the “Lunatics” story (it’s interesting to see
how much the concept has changed), and even the small character-focused
reading scripts we used for auditioning actors.

And it’s not too late to buy a copy! I’ve added them as rewards on this Kickstarter as well!
You knowyou want one, don’t you? They’re awesome! And if you buy it through our
Kickstarter for $51, Rosalyn and I (Terry) will sign a personal thank
you on each copy!

Table of Contents

3    Prospectus & Production Design

13    Characters

15        The Lerner Family

23        The Farmer Family

33        Allen Emerson

37        Sarah

39        Others

45    Setting

46        Soyuz-SF

49        Space Station Alpha

51        Lunar Transportation System

62        USAF Iridium Station

63        International Space Foundation Colony

71        Module Plans

74        Locator Map

75    Story

77        Script: No Children in Space

121        Script: Earth

151        Short Story: The Landing

155        Audition Scripts

Thanks for your support!

We’ve only got one week to go and about $3000 to raise yet, so tell everybody
you know about this project. Let’s get there! I really want to see this
pilot happen, and I’m hoping you do too!

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