December 2023 Summary


Closed up the year without quite having the pilot completed, nor the bathroom remodeled, nor even the server in the datacenter, which makes me a little sad, but I did make a lot of progress on all of those goals, so not too sad.


Started animating Soyuz interior character animation. Finished LA-5-A which is the pre-launch talk in the Soyuz. Also LA-5-B, which is the bear beginning to shake as the engines start up.

Teddy bear in Soyuz with recovered texture.

The shot isn’t quite finished, as I will need to make audio changes and then adjust the timing to match.

Soyuz Interior
Updated interior animation still of characters in Soyuz.

Fixed the rigging for the Soyuz video displays. Decided it would make more sense to do them as one video. This way, I can sync them in Kdenlive, and only have one property slider to worry about in Blender. Started the video, but it also needs to be checked against revised audio.

Combined Video Texture
Combined video textures for the Soyuz consoles, being edited in Kdenlive.


Completed a “2023 Year’s Progress” video, similar to the one I did for 2021. This one features Hiromi at the beginning, using animation from her character turnaround.

The 2023 Goals poster thing was helpful, so I made a new 2024 Goals poster and started the worklog directory for 2024. Since I have to carry over some goals from 2023, I also made a compromise “2024 Q1” goals poster.


Still having trouble with the migration. I discovered that the PeerTube, Gitea, and Nextcloud restore scripts don’t seem to work correctly. Specifically, they don’t populate the /home/ directories.

Timelapse for December 2023


Activities for November & December 2023, as a 60X Timelapse (1 min = 1 hour),
with music (no commentary). November had very little production work, so I’ve
combined it with December.


  • 00:13 Adding Teaser Trailer footage to LA-5 as reference
  • 00:52 Virtual Studio 2023 / 2024 Planning
  • 01:02 Installed Blender Versions (2.71, 2.79b, 2.83LTS, 2.93LTS, 3.0.0, 3.6.5LTS, 4.0.1)
  • 01:12 Lunatics LA-5 Animation
  • 05:15 Updating Kdenlive ‘LA’ Edit with New Renders
  • 07:07 Sokol Spacesuit Material Fixes (Visor and Suit Material)
  • 08:20 Restored Teddy Bear Texture
  • 08:39 Video Texture Re-Rigging
  • 12:22 Combining Screens into Single Video
  • 14:10 Re-mapping Screen UVs Onto New Combined Video Texture
  • 15:14 Located MoonTruck Model (Briefly thought I lost it!)
  • 15:28 Profile Renders for LA Sequence (Testing CPU/RAM Requirements)
  • 16:32 Lunatics LA Sequence Renders on Narya (Server)
  • 21:50 Lunatics TB Sequence Renders
  • 22:48 Working on TB & SR Sequence Blender Files
  • 23:13 Updating Kdenlive LA Edit Again
  • 23:30 Animation Adjustments to the Bear Swinging in the Soyuz
  • 24:19 Music Credits / Patreon / Gumroad


Gumbel – “Snack” FMA Microsongs / CC0 v1.0 (Public Domain)

Technological Sun – “Simpleton”, “Blood Simple”, “Road to Damascus”, “Tech Sun 08”, “Dream Scape” from album “Technological Sun” Jamendo #32716 / CC By-SA 3.0


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