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Soyuz Interior

December 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS Closed up the year without quite having the pilot completed, nor the bathroom remodeled, nor even…

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Lunatics Project History — Part 3: Launches & Misfires (2011-2012)

It’s been over ten years since our project launch on Kickstarter, which is probably as good a…

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June 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: A lot of construction work this month, as well as software development, production work on Lunatics,…

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March 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: LUNATICS PRODUCTION Worked on the S1E01-LA “Launch” sequence this month. It is very nearly finished now….

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February 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Got quotes from Windstream and Nextlink on better internet connection – decided on switching to Nextlink…

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March 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Visited the Saturn V center at NASA Johnson Space Center and the rocket park (the free…

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December 2017 Summary

Highlights Scare about Patreon changing their terms (But then they backed down). Helped Morevna project test their…

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Project Updates for November 2016

Lately, I have been investing a great deal of time in infrastructure development, so there hasn’t been…

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Good News and Bad…

Well this is one of those “good news/bad news” posts. The good news is that Daniel is producing some truly awesome model sheets, and I want to share some previews of them. The bad news is that they aren’t going to be done on time. So, I’m slipping the pre-production schedule by one month to accomodate (i.e. Kickstart rewards should go out in May, now).

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Allen Emerson Concept Art Portrait

Allen Emerson is the last of the portraits for the Concept Art Poster. “R. Allen Emerson is a Conceptual Artist most known for his work in active and intelligent materials media. He made his name in the New York circuit winning the Andy Warhol Prize in Experimental and Performance Arts for his ground-breaking installation “Consciousness and Mechanism” presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts. His visionary exploration of non-static images of dramatic simplicity, and his pioneering work in interactive art has made Emerson a leader in the modern trans-humanist zeitgeist movement.

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