February 2017 Summary


  • Finished up I18N programming contract.
  • Ethernet wiring in the library.
  • Used some Morevna Project art to make easter-egg posters to use on “Lunatics!” sets.
  • Received sample of “Lunatics!” trading cards I designed.
  • Worked on wiring harnesses for Render Cluster.
  • Sides for Pepper & Carrot Auditions.
  • Created Amazon Business Account.

Video Summary

Summary of Correspondence

  • Software Contract Problems (Installer Failure)
  • Keneisha Perry goes to $300/month Contract Basis
  • Includes $100/month Installments on Computer Build

Although the scope of my contract with the client didn’t cover the installer, they were understandably dissatisfied that it didn’t work, and they tried to withhold payment. The lesson I learned from this is that it was wrong to take this contract on an hourly basis, with them managing the project.

I should have only quoted on a “turn-key” basis! Then I should’ve budgeted enough to cover this contingency (enough to hire help for the Windows installer work, perhaps?). They likely would’ve turned that down, but it’s hard to say.

Keneisha has been putting a lot of work into Lunatics without any pay, and feeling the strain. I offered to pay her what I could to keep putting some work into it, and she agreed. Also, I found out she was doing work on a borrowed PC! So I offered to build her a system for $900, which I took out as $100 of the $300 I was paying her until it was paid off. This was approximately “at cost”, and I could get her a much better system than she could buy retail this way.

Technically, the money paid is accounted as an “advance”: It will be deducted from future profit-sharing if any, but of course, never need to be paid back if there are no profits to cover it. Just like a book advance.

Selected Art

When Georgiana is signing the hotel room door (a Soyuz launch tradition), there are other signatures on the door. These include both of her parents, some real astronaut signatures from the reference photos, and a few Lunatics crew signatures. Naturally, I had to “sign” for these characters. I did my best to keep them in character.

I created some prototype merchandise, including a sample set of these hexagonal “trading cards”. They could also be drink coasters, I suppose. They’re printed on a plastic material, used for playing cards, and the printing is very high quality (I still have most of these in 2024, and although they do get the occasional scuff mark, they’re still in very good condition).

A common feature of train stations is lots of walls, and often there are advertisements. So it was a great place to stick in some easter eggs (as well as create more impression of detail on the set). I made a cosmetics ad out of one of the concept art drawings for Morevna Project, as well as two actual posters for the project. The last is a somewhat obscure one I leave as an exercise for the reader.


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