March 2017 Summary


  • WiFi Access port for house.
  • Portable HD enclosure for backups.
  • Library shelving complete.
  • Ariel voiced Coriander and Saffrom for Pepper & Carrot.
  • Twisted wire power harnesses for Render Cluster.
  • Keneisha Perry revised some of the main character models
  • for “Lunatics!”, notably “Anya”.
  • No SVN Commits.

Video Summary

This video was created in 2020 and revised in 2024, with material I had available on disk from March 2017.

The main feature, of course, is the video I took of the Render Cluster construction.

Summary of Correspondence

  • Keneisha: Character Model Revisions
  • Software Programming Contract Client Emails
  • Konstantin: Ariel doing “Saffron” & “Coriander” for “Pepper & Carrot”

Keneisha Perry has changed the face rigs for the Lunatics characters (Starting with Anya) to make them easier to animate, using a conventional armature-bone system. The results look good.

I am working on a commercial programming contract in Python, involving internationalization for Japanese language support. Unfortunately, while my software is working, the Windows installer is not. It’s not even that my package won’t install properly. It’s that GTK3 doesn’t. This is outside of my experience area, but I hate delivering software that isn’t fully working.

Ariel auditioned for voice acting in Morevna Project’s “Pepper & Carrot: Episode 6 – The Potion Contest”, and got to play the parts of “Saffron” & “Coriander”. We are using the new sound booth to record.

Also got to see some new work by Chris Kuhn on a Babylon-5 fan modeling project.

Elaine Walker needed my address for a Kickstarter thing.


The change in mesh design for Anya made her face a little narrower, and I think it was an improvement for the character:



This month, I worked on the wiring harnesses for the Render Cluster. The main project were these low-voltage power cables that ran from the 12V supply on top to the DC converters on each board. I started by twisting together separate red, black, and green stranded wire, by the interesting expedient of chucking the wire end in a cordless drill and spinning it up briefly. It’s probably important that it was a cordless drill, because it would stop working before making a mess out of the wires.

Then I soldered them to the wires on the power connectors that were provided with the DC converter boards.

These were installed in the Helmer cabinet so that they could move in the gaps between the drawer runs and the outside of the cabinet, then run along the back of each drawer to where they were needed:

And then attached to the 12V supply on top of the unit:

Similarly, the Cat 5 internet cables ran in the wall spaces, with the wires running to the grommeted holes on the top to get to the ethernet switch.


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