Download Site is Up

I have just created the…

Super-Secret Download Site

As mentioned before, the content is not complete (and yes, I’m
even behind where I said I was going to be, but I’m starting to catch up
now). But I have versions of the Concept Art Poster in SVG, PDF, and
various wallpaper/desktop sizes.

I’ve also got the first 44 pages of the Artbook, including all of the
character modelsheets, and the introduction which talks about the planned
series format, business model, production schedule, and so on.

The original SVG model sheets for each character are also available.

More will be coming very soon!


Please check that your name is listed correctly in the backer credits.

Right now, only other backers can see these, but in the future this download
site will be made public. So this is a good time to fix any errors.
Also, of course, if your name has been accidentally omitted or if your
name is here when you wanted to be anonymous, please let me know! (You
can message me on Kickstarter or send me an email at “digitante at gmail
dot com”).

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