Moving on to Production for the Pilot Episode

Hi all!

I wanted to let you know that we have launched the fund-raiser for production of the pilot episode, “No Children in Space”:

Lunatics Animated Series Pilot – “No Children in Space”

We really wanted to launch on Moon Day, July 20th, and we have. This is of
course, the 43rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon.

We were working really hard to make this deadline (really important,
because we actually advertised the date this time). So, I’m really happy
we made it.

I will keep posting additional updates here, and I
will be posting about the rewards that we are still trying to get
produced (which is still a LOT). I really, really want to get the books
typeset and off to the printer this week if at all possible (and I think
it is — the art is just about all done).

I do already have the character line-up posters back from the printer. They’re gorgeous!

We’ve arranged to meet Daniel Fu this coming Friday (the 28th) at Armadillo
Con at Austin to get the posters signed so we can send them out (if you
happen to be in Austin, you can look us up — we’ll have a small table
in in the dealer’s room for Lunatics).

I’m still planning to send the paper rewards (books and posters) out first, and the
disks will go out later so we can include more content on them.

Thank you all for the early support we needed to get this far! We would not have gotten this far without you!


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