Optimism and Rationalism

Two of the guiding principles in the writing for Lunatics are both rationalism and optimism.
We feel these are trends that a lot of modern science fiction media has
strayed away from, and we feel it’s time to bring this more positive
vision back to the field. “Darker and grittier” may have its place, but
after awhile, it starts to seem a little excessive, and really it’s not
as realistic as advertised. In the real world, bad things do happen, but
there is also usually a very positive human response to those things,
and we’d like to focus on that.

isn’t a fantasy that everything will turn out great on its own —
it’s confidence that even when things do go wrong, we’ll be able to do the
right thing. Life is complicated, and our brave protagonists will not have
an easy time of it, but in the end, this is a story about success, not about
failure. Politics and physics will both present significant obstacles
for our tiny Lunar colony, but our characters are clever people who can
solve those problems.

Of course, implicit in this problem-solving view of the world, is Rationalism:
the idea that the universe is understandable and that we as humans can figure it out.
Lunatics is science fiction, not fantasy. It’s about the understandable, solvable problems.

This seems like a bit of a departure from media which seems mostly to be
focused on ever more “dark” and “gritty” depictions of worlds that are
basically fantasy, since they are so disconnected from our world. We
think it’s time to make that change, and we want Lunatics to be part of that.

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