Still working on the animatic DVD

Well, this is taking a little longer than I planned, due to software problems I
don’t even want to get started on (I’m having to do a lot of
workarounds and trouble-shooting as a result).

But I’m getting fairly close now. Just have to smash some more menu bugs.

Much of the DVD-authoring also serves double for the USB flash drive
versions, since it will be basically the same design (for these, I’ll be
using the prototype Lib-Ray spec, which basically means a small on-disk
website with linked videos).

These will be “hybrid” DVDs with additional “DVD-ROM” content accessible
by computer. I may have to be a little creative with that, since the whole production
source tree is now too big to fit comfortably on a DVD. I’ll be paring it down some, and
some content will probably be on a second disk.

Meanwhile, of course, the video of the animatic is available on our website:

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