Visual Style and NPR Rendering

We’ve sent out some press releases for
the Kickstarter. I’ve also posted an update about the non-photorealistic
visual style and how we hope to render our characters in the final
production (or at least what some of our options are).

NPR Rendering

My latest Kickstarter update is about the non-photorealistic
rendering options for characters, and why it’s probably a good idea for

Animation and Rendering Style for “Lunatics!”

“So we’re seeking other ways to reduce the “uncanny valley” issue.
One of these is to use “non-photorealistic” (NPR) rendering. This tends
to make the characters look as if they have been drawn or painted
rather than photographed. As with other cartoon techniques, this tends
to make your perception a little more forgiving about movement.”

And it includes this Freestyle test render (this is probably NOT our final
parameters — there’s something a little odd going on with the eyes,
though I really like the way it brings out the detail in the spacesuit):

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