Get a free set of official Lunatics! finger puppets

We really need some help getting the
word out about our Kickstarter campaign, and one of our fans suggested a
neat idea: if you embed our Kickstarter widget on your webpage until
Aug 20th, we’ll send you a free, high-quality printed set of OFFICIAL
finger puppets and a signed thank you note. Details after the fold…


Remember the finger puppets from last year? Well, we’ve
still got the pattern, and we can have them printed on heavy stock by
the same people who make our posters.

We’ll be happy to send you a free set of them, along with a signed
“Thank you!” note,  to anyone who helps us get the word out by
putting our Kickstarter widget up on your blog, news site, or personal
web page to help us get the word out. And we are SO not above bribery!

To claim your finger puppets:

  1. Get the embed code from our Kickstarter page (click the “embed”
    button under the video, this will give you options for embedding the
    Kickstart video and the Kickstarter widget — either or both will
    count). Or you can copy and paste the code from the bottom of this page.
  2. Put the code in an easily-accessible part of your website (we’re
    just going to trust you not to hide it on a back page somewhere).
  3. Send us an email to “digitante at gmail dot com” with a link to the
    place you’ve put the embed so we can see it, and also an address for us
    to mail your finger puppets. The puppets are light, so we can send them
    to any regular mail address, US or International.

And that’s it. We’ll check that the link is up, and at the end of the
campaign (successful or not), we’ll get the puppets printed and mail
them out to you.

Even if we don’t get referrals from your embed (apparently we have no
way to check anyway), we’ll still send you the puppets and a thank you
note for trying.

Whether your website has a huge circulation or a tiny one, this is
still a great way to support “Lunatics!” by letting your readers know
about us, and we’ll be very grateful.


The embed code for the Kickstarter widget:

frameborder=”0″ height=”380″


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