October 2016 Summary


  • Added fire extinguishers to Cosmonaut Hotel set.
  • Internationalization of Lib-Ray Menus.
  • Image comparison tests.
  • Purchased power supply components for Render Cluster.

Production / Art

I found a stock fire-extinguisher model on BlendSwap, by “JSJetStream14”, under CC-0 license, and added it to the hallway in the Cosmonaut Hotel set, to match reference photos. I thought it was interesting that they appeared to just be sitting on the floor, but I followed suit. I made minimal modifications to it, as it was already a toon-style model:

Fire Extinguisher by JSJetSteam14@BlendSwap (#18659), and location on set.

Render Cluster

For the Render Cluster build, I acquired a Meanwell 1500W 12VDC power supply and six “Pico DC-DC PSUs” converter boards.

Studio Library Construction

We installed more insulation, and acquire a pre-hung french door for the front entrance to the building.

Installation of the Ducts

The ducts fan out a great deal at the front of the building, in the spaces to either side of the doorway. This is an ocean cargo container, with few structural alterations, so this is the main access for fresh air and means to vent hot air from the building. In the future, I might make alterations to improve this, but it requires cutting the thick corrugated steel of the container, which needs to be done with a blowtorch or a plasma cutter.

Front Ventilation Ports

This was my first experience with sheet-metal fabrication and tools!


We got a pretty nifty inflatable Halloween cat this year to display on top of the Studio building:

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