Lunatics Web Site Is Coming Together

After a few days work and weeks of
procrastination and fretting, the Lunatics website is finally starting
to make some sense and become quasi-functional. Yea!

Well, I freaked out when I realized how much there was to
do on this site; wasted some time worrying about how much time I could
afford to spend on the website for the project; tried (and failed) to
understand LDAP so as to create a “Single-Sign On” solution; gave up;
simplified my MediaWiki installation (because it was driving us crazy
before); imported the whole production wiki from home onto the site
wiki; installed Subversion; installed Trac; made a cute little Lunatics
banner for Trac; finally installed an actual Plone instance in my
Plone-installed Zope site; made a cute little Lunatics banner for Plone;
whined for a bit about the difficulty of integrating my old plain-Zope
website with the Plone site; and then finally had an idea for how to
knit them together without too much pain.

So now I’m going to try that then.

How was your Summer?

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