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AV Linux Desktop

Hows and Whys of Screenlogging

My feed on Mastodon has been filling up with knee-jerk reactions to Microsoft’s new “Recall” software for…

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Lunatics Folders in Nextcloud

Testing Nextcloud for Source File Sync

I’ve been looking for a good solution to manage source (and render) files from the project, for…

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Seven Blenders on AV Linux

Testing New AV Linux Workstation

I’ve just completed a rather rough migration from Ubuntu Studio to AV Linux on my production workstation….

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Yuri Gagarin, Lunatics Animation, Total Eclipse 2024

Reflections on Time and Space for April 2024

It’s now April 12, 2024. It has been 63 years since Yuri Gagarin became the first human…

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January 2024 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS This was mostly a month for reports and documentation, with only a tiny bit of production…

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Diagram of 2023 Virtual Studio & Workstation

November 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: November was honestly a pretty rough month for me. Not much production work accomplished, but lots…

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Billboard Extras as seen in the Blender viewport while editing a shot file.

October 2023 Summary

  Lunatics Production This has been a busy month. I finally got around to inserting background extras…

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August 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS This was a good month for production work, finishing rendering on one full sequence and recovering…

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Still from pod-staging sequence for Soyuz Flight

July 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS This month, I finished the exterior shots for the Soyuz Flight sequence, and began work on…

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Dell PowerEdge R720

June 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS June was a very busy month, with three major projects taking up most of the worktime:…

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