Concept Art Sheets and Modeling

This week we’ve started get character
design concepts from Daniel Fu. I’ve also been working on modeling the
Soyuz “Transporter-Erector”, which will appear early in the pilot

Check out the video this week — it’s a presentation of
Daniel Fu’s design for seven-year-old “Georgiana Lerner”, who will be
the main character in the pilot episode “No Children in Space”. We’ll be
uploading more character sheets soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun modeling the Soyuz “Transporter Erector” which
appears early in the pilot. This is a large, specialized train-car that
carries the Soyuz launch vehicle to the pad.

I’m still very much on the learning curve with Blender, but I’m
getting better at it. Modeling is fairly tedious work, but it’s very
satisfying to see the result.

Soon, we’ll be looking for a character modeler (and rigger) to translate Daniel’s designs into 3D characters.

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