LAST 12 HOURS – Organizational Logo Sponsorships just $200

“Logo Sponsorships” Now Just $200

I have just reduced the “sponsorship” reward from $400 to $200, as there
is now much less of a gap to close. I also limited the sponsorships to
four, which increases the visibility of each one.

For that money, we’ll include your name and logo prominently on this project:

  • In all of the cover art from materials produced from this Pre-Production Kickstart: DVD, USB drive, Poster, and Book
  • In the dataset itself on the HTML index page that viewers/users will see when accessing the data
  • On the download site where users will be able to get the data (this
    will be announced to backers in April, and will be released generally
    sometime before next Summer — it will then stay up indefinitely).
  • In the credits roll for the pilot episode, “No Children in Space” under “Pre-Production Sponsors” when it is released

There is just 12 HOURS in which to sign up for this, though! So act fast, if you’re going to do it.

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