Sending out audition readings for “Lunatics”

Wow! This is pretty exciting — we’ve
gotten about 90 demo submissions so far for various parts for “Lunatics”
in less than a week, some of them from very talented people. So, I
think we’re going to be able to put together a fantastic cast for this

Auditions and Readings

When I first starting planning this project, I thought that casting
for it was going to be a really hard sell, because of the free-culture
nature of the project, or the remote approach to recording, but that
actually doesn’t have as much impact as I expected. We have a strong
story concept and good characters, and so I think that it must be that
actors can see that strength of the project, even if we haven’t
completely articulated it yet. That’s a good feeling.

So far, these are just demo reels (collections of past work), but
I’ve sent out my first batch of reading parts, and I am of course, still
listening to the demos. We won’t make any final decisions until after
the June 30th deadline, and it’s not really proper to say who has
auditioned. But I will say I’m pretty excited about the level of talent
we’re seeing.

Modeling and Animation

We’re also really, really close to posting our announcement
for modeling and animation interns (I have to do a few last-minute
edits). I will be posting another announcement about this very soon.

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