Auditions for Voice Cast and Artist Internships Ending June 30th

A reminder to any of you who are thinking of applying for an internship
or auditioning to be on the voice cast for “Lunatics” / “No Children in Space”
(and additional series regular parts): the submission deadline is this Saturday, June 30th.
We’ll try to make the decisions on principal casting by July 2nd and
finish both casting and internship decisions by July 7th. We also may be
interested in commission proposals for certain major modeling tasks,
especially character mesh modeling, where we may need an experienced

The casting call has gone pretty well. We’ve have a
deluge of submissions for a few parts and fewer serious submissions for
some of the harder parts, but that’s to be expected. We have got at
least a couple of possibilities for each of the characters now, but
there is still time to get in on the project if you want to audition
(contact us at “auditions at anansispaceworks dot com”).

We didn’t get as many applicants for internships, but some of the
ones we’ve gotten are pretty promising. There is still room for some
more applications — particularly in the area of character modeling. We
could really use somebody with some costume-modeling experience.

I’m also considering the possibility of opening up a slot on a
commission basis for a more experienced character mesh modeler to create
either base meshes or give us a quote for a certain number of the
characters (I’m assuming considerable re-use of the base meshes,
obviously). Contact us at the same address for that if you’re interested
— naturally we’ll still want to see your previous work.

I’m looking forward to having some announcements later next week and not having to be all hush-hush about the specifics!



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