Lunatics Press Kit is Available Now

We’ve been very overdue on creating a formal press-release for Lunatics and
the pilot episode crowd-funding campaign, which is possibly one reason we have
so far left to go. But it’s up now, so please come and have a look. If you know any news
outlets that you think should cover Lunatics, please feel free to send
them a copy of the press release. You may also notice we are featuring
our interview with David Jordan of!


This week we are very busily working on the Teaser
Trailer and some other modeling tests for the pilot episode series, and
of course we are trying to get as much publicity as possible for our
Kickstarter campaign to fund the pilot episode
. We really need to get
the word out to a LOT more people! We now have a press release and a
full downloadable press kit (4.1 MB ZIP) which will hopefully make that
easier. So far we have sent releases to, Universe Today,
Boing Boing,, Bad Astronomy,, and . No doubt there are a lot more places we could send to, if you
can find the right email address and/or link for it, let me know at
“digitante at gmail dot com” and I’ll send a release to them (or you could
send it and just let me know that you’ve done it — this will reduce the chance
of sending multiple releases to the same editors, which could become annoying if it
happens too much — we do not want to come off as spammers).

We’ve also done an interview with David Jordan of newly-founded
“Fund Indie Films”. The interview itself is our current featured video.

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