Meet the Team: Vyacheslav Yastrebcev (Modeler / Translator)

Vyacheslav has been an enthusiastic supporter for Lunatics! since our modeling
project last Summer. He contributed to the Soyuz interior set model and
created the initial model for the Lunar Transportation System lander
that we used in our animatic.

He’s also been instrumental in providing Russian proof-reading and translations for us.
Most of the labels on the Soyuz console were checked by him, and he has helped us
with creating Russian subtitles for our teaser/demo, our Kickstarter
pitch video, and the entire pilot episode.

Vyacheslav Yastrebcev got his start with 3D modeling in 2003
with a pirated copy of proprietary 3D software
(include 3Dmax 6 and Maya), noting that copyright was not
well-enforced in Russia at that time. In 2007, he learned about free
software after a teacher remarked on the illegality of his proprietary
software. Since 2008, he’s been using free-software applications and
operating systems exclusively.

He has written a number of articles
for the Russian edition of Linux Format, on the Luxrender and POV-Ray
renderers (Issues 132-136, June-October 2010). He is skilled with
Blender modeling, materials, and textures, and has contributed to two
free-culture animated film projects, Morevna Project and Lunatics!

Vyacheslav has not had the time to be involved in our modeling work this Summer,
although he has done a lot of translations for us (some of which I’m
still transcribing into subtitles). He may also be helping with our
modeling effort later this Fall.

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