Animation and Visual Style Tests

New video up with visual-style and animation tests for “Lunatics!” exterior shots.


Among the project changes for this January, I’m putting more emphasis on nailing-down the visual look for “Lunatics!”

On Vimeo:

On YouTube:

I’ve decided to go with a very strongly anime-inspired non-photorealistic
look. This was always a strong contender for the final look, and after
some experimentation, I’ve decided to run with it.

We’ll produce a similar test for characters and interior sets. We have the Soyuz
interior and also the Platz-Kartny train car from the opening sequence.
We have a lot of materials work to do on those, though, and the
characters need to be rigged.


ALSO a reminder: we’re probably going to be transitioning to a
WordPress-based site soon. So the RSS links and stuff will probably
change. You might want to check back occasionally. I will post a message
on this feed before changing over, though.

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