May 2016 Summary


Lib-Ray Spatial Navigation Buttons & Tests

I worked out a method of automatically connecting buttons on a 2-D screen so that navigation would make intuitive sense to a human (I hope). And I created a set of visual image-comparison tools to do automated testing of this feature.

Prototype Merch: Fabric

I created a “Lunatics!” themed pattern, which I uploaded to Spoonflower for sale. It features character and spaceship art from our project

Studio Library Construction

This month, I started installing the wall and ceiling framing units. These are built as 4-foot segments with lightweight lumber construction. Since the steel exterior of the unit provide primary structural strength, the walls do not bear much load. They do have to support the ceiling segments, however. The interior is built up as a series of these 4-foot framing arches, which are then connected after they are installed. Insulation and drywall will go into these later.


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