November 2016 Summary


  • Character model development for Sarah Allison.
  • Render Cluster components.
  • Continuing studio library construction.

Production / Art

Keneisha Perry worked on the character model for Sarah Allison, the last of the series main characters to model.

Hair volume / compressibility for com-cap for spacesuit, etc.

Project Updates for November 2016

Test render of toon materials for “Anya” and “Sarah” characters (no rigs yet).


Render Cluster

Purchased the primary components from NewEgg: motherboards, CPUs, RAM, SSDs.

Additional hardware components such as power supply wiring from Home Depot.

Studio Library Construction

Finished installing the front facade and doorway on the studio building. Note that the library interior is not fully framed up to that point yet. This part is secured to a notch in the container structure near the front, and then attached to the interior framing afterward. At this point in the construction, the attic exhaust vents at the top and the fresh air vents at the bottom can be clearly seen — later these will be hidden by the ducts they connect to.


Front facade with transom, ducts, and french doors installed.


Duct system for server closet started.


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