December 2016 Summary


  • Designed prototype trading card set (incomplete).
  • Received components from Adafruit for Render Cluster (front panel lights).
  • Duct work in Studio library.

Merch / Art

Designed and ordered a small set of Lunatics trading cards (or they could be coasters):

Photo of hexagonal trading cards with character info on them.

Studio Library Construction

In December, we connected up the ducts in the front facade to the ducts and duct fans. These move air from the small attic space above the ceiling to the outside to cool; move air directly from the server closet to the outside, and allow airflow back into the building from the fresh air vents. We used forced air, since the convection flow won’t quite work with the duct geometry.


Ducting (Server Closet Ventilation)

Panoramic shot of the ventilation duct extending from the server closet to the vents by the entrance.

Flexible duct installation:

I provided a diverter to allow hot air to be blown into the room in the winter, rather than exhausted outside. In retrospect, I’m not sure that was a good idea (it leaked too much, allowing hot air to vent inside in the Summer, reducing the air-conditioning efficiency. I wound up blocking it to prevent this).

Construction of soffit around the duct:
Air supply duct:

It was more practical to put the supply duct along the floor. I was a little concerned that I’d pick up more dust and pollen from outside this way, but it still seemed like the best option.


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