Replacement Kickstarter: Voice Production and Animatic

As I posted earlier, it’s clear that we are not going to be able to raise
sufficient funds to take us all the way through production of the pilot
episode on this Kickstarter. I will be canceling this Kickstart in just a
few minutes.

I’d like to thank those of you who supported this project with your pledges!

If you would like to continue supporting our production, please consider
backing our much more modest campaign to fund the next phase:

If funded, this will support finishing the audio production,
including voice acting, sound effects, foley, and music. It will also
provide a simple 2D-animatic (“cut out style animation”) to illustrate
the performance, created by animator Timothée Giet (much better than my
own sketchy storyboards!). This will require just $4235, which I hope is
a much more attainable target than the $100,000 for the whole
production (we’ve eliminated the relatively expensive process of 3D
animation, which we will attempt to fund later on in a separate
fund-raiser — hopefully by then we will have a much higher degree of
readiness and more people who know about the project).

As always, you can find out more on our project website at

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