Artbook Now Online

The artbook is now available in a digital edition on our DOWNLOAD SITE,
which has moved,BTW to a simpler URL (I’m lifting the embargo on it
since it has been awhile, even though there are still a few more things
going up on the site yet):

Table of Contents

3    Prospectus & Production Design

13    Characters

15        The Lerner Family

23        The Farmer Family

33        Allen Emerson

37        Sarah

39        Others

45    Setting

46        Soyuz-SF

49        Space Station Alpha

51        Lunar Transportation System

62        USAF Iridium Station

63        International Space Foundation Colony

71        Module Plans

74        Locator Map

75    Story

77        Script: No Children in Space

121        Script: Earth

151        Short Story: The Landing

155        Audition Scripts

I’ve uploaded it as a single (325 MB PDF) and also in smaller sections. The
scripts are quite small, being text-only), while the grapihic parts tend
to be very large files.

There’s a good chance that the poster images and desktops based on Daniel Fu’s
layout (the final one used for the character line-up posters) will also be on the site
by the time you read this (i’m in the middle of preparing them for upload right now).

For those of you who have hardcopy versions ordered, these are currently
being printed. We will sign those and send them out as soon as we get
them. For those who are expecting packages with disks and/or posters,
those will hopefully all go out at the same time. I will be working on
the “sketchy-matic” animatics (i.e. animatics based on my storyboard
drawings) this week so we can have them ready for the recording (I
hope!) and therefore they should also be ready before I get the books
back from the printers.

If you missed the chance to order the book, it is also being offered as a reward on
our current phase Kickstarter for Voice and Audio Production (currently at 28% — “So close and yet so far!”).

We’re still about $3000 short on that campaign with just 5 days to go! Even
if you are not able to contribute any to this next stage (I know some of
you have, and I really appreciate it!), we could definitely use
mentions in your blogs or social media postings or just telling your
friends about the project.

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