Soundtrack CD Disk Label

This morning I designed the label for the soundtrack CD for “No Children in
Space”. This CD will have most of the music that appears in the pilot
episode (a few more tracks will be available for download). This will be
a full 70-minute CD with longer versions of many of the tracks that
appear in the movie.

It has been observed that because of our music-selection process, Lunatics may be
the only free-film made so far with a 100% free-licensed soundtrack (the soundtracks
for the Blender Open Movies have all been By-NC-SA licensed and Sita Sings the Blues has
some issues with proprietary music compositions).

Featured on the disk, of course, are the “TV size” remix of “Space Zine” by Elaine Walker
(performed by her band, Zia) and the full 18-minute original composition of “Bellatrix” by
J. T. Bruce. These are newly available under the CC By-SA 3.0 license by special permission
from the authors. The track “Magic of Freedom” by Distemper was also re-released under the
CC By-SA 3.0 for our sake, although it was previously under the Free Art License. The rest of
the tracks were already under compatible free-licenses, and represent a wide range of musical styles.

The disk packaging will also include a jewel-case
cover graphic and an insert with the lyrics to “Space Zine” and “Magic
of Freedom” (with a translation into English).

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