Artbooks Are Finished and Off to the Printer!

We have just (finally!) finished the “Pre-Production Artbook and Writer’s Guide” book layout, and it’s off to
the printer to print the first batch!


Despite being quite overdue, we are really pleased to
have finished laying out the “Pre-Production Artbook and Writer’s Guide”
book and copies are being printed now. When we get these back, we’ll
sign them and start fulfilling the rewards from our first Kickstarter
back in December.

I hope to also finish the storyboard animatics which were promised
while we’re waiting on the printers. That way we’ll be able to ship
books, disks, and posters at the same time to those who ordered all

If you didn’t order an artbook through our first Kickstarter, but
would still like one, we’ve also added a signed copy as a reward on our
current Kickstarter campaign for Audio Production and Animatic. We’re at 32%
with just 4 days left (just under $3000 left to raise), so now would be the time if you want to get one of these!

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