Just finished a test teleconference with three of the principals!

We just tried our first teleconference
with three of the principals for “Lunatics”, I plan to meet the others
on Friday for another test call, and then we’ll be all set up to work on
Saturday morning when we do our table read for “No Children in Space”.
Our Kickstarter is currently at 40%, with just over 2 days left:


The way we’re handling the voice acting on “Lunatics” is
that we’ll have teleconferences to do virtual “table reads” of the
scripts. This allows us to discuss how the script is going to be
interpreted and get the interactions right. Then each of the actors will
record their lines on their own, using this as a reference.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of technology that has to work for
this to happen, so we scheduled some technical tests this week just to
make sure we don’t have serious problems that will interfere with the

We did find a few. But we’ve managed to work through it.

We are using Skype this week after deciding not to use Google
Hangouts (because it requires a Google+ membership for everyone, which
is a little invasive).

We’re going to try to migrate to a free-software platform later — I’ve had a strong recommendation to try
Big Blue Button
, but we have some time pressure for this first set, so we’re using Skype
even though it’s not free — just about everybody already had it
installed. So far it’s, well… adequate. So we’ll be able to get
through the reads this way.

In fact, we even managed to run a few lines from “No Children in
Space”, and it was terrific to hear. I’m really starting to get excited
about this!

The Kickstarter to pay for all this will end on Friday (near midnight US Central time),
so we only have a few hours, and unfortunately we’re only at 40% so far
— so we really need your help! Even a small amount helps. I’d actually
be even happier to have lots of $10 to $30 pledges than fewer pledges
for $100 or more, because in the end, it’s reaching a critical mass of
fans for the project that is going to make it sustainable.  Rewards
range from putting your name in the credits (as a “Backer” for $10, a
“Premium Backer” for $50, or even one of the “Sponsor” tiers at $200 and
beyond). Or you can go for the stuff — posters, the artbook, the
soundtrack on CD, the animatic on DVD, and even the obligatory T-shirt.
Or you can get it all in one big package for $150.

Of course, “Lunatics” is free-licensed, so even if you choose one of the smaller
rewards, you’ll still benefit. It’s really about raising enough to
support the production — but then it will be online for everyone to

There will never be a better time!

Lunatics Voice/Audio and Animatic Production Kickstarter

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