Welcome to Bela Szabo!

I’m pleased to welcome our new
character modeling expert, Bela Szabo (a.k.a. “contmike” in some
circles). This puts us back on track for a crowd-funding campaign
launching late in this month, if everything goes as I expect.


We put out a call for a new character designer in my last
post, and I got a few contacts. After some consideration, I’ve decided
that Bela Szabo is a really good fit for the project. He has all the
necessary skills and is working really well with Daniel Fu’s model sheet
artwork (we decided, since we’re changing anyway, to move to a design
closer to Daniel’s original drawings, as you can see — I think this is
going to make it easier to keep an overall consistent design for the

We’ve already come to terms on pay and budget
considerations, so I have what I need to finish up the proposal for our
Kickstart. This is going to be smaller than what we attempted last
Summer, because more of the work is already done, although we’ll also
set “stretch goals” to try to get further along (and produce additional
episodes). I think we now have a strong team, and I’m feeling very
positive about our chances.

The main issue for me now is doing my part of the preparations,
so I’m going to be busy with that for awhile.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of Bela’s excellent “Georgiana” model. More is coming soon!

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