Getting this Production Organized

I’m doing some production math today: I
created a list of every single shot in the pilot episode – there are
393 of them, omitting a few repetitions. For each, I listed all of the
3D model assets used. Then I wrote a little Python script to pivot this
table and create a list of all 3D assets with the shots they appear in.
There are 254 3D assets listed, ranging from the character “Georgiana”
(118 shots) to the prop “Vegetables-Various” (1 shot).

“Lunatics!” is a big project. Trying to produce half-hour
to one-hour episodes is a whole different thing than producing a 5-10
minute short. I’ve known for a long time that this is going to involve a
lot of 3D assets, but it’s getting to the point where I need to know
exactly how many, how hard are they to make, and which ones exactly?

Of the roughly 250 models we need, quite a few are simple objects
that only appear in one or two shots. There are 77 models that are
called for in 5 or more shots. My next step is to go through the asset
list and give a subjective score for things like “complexity” and
“importance” and “uniqueness” so I can decide which ones we really need
to focus on creating.

I am also animating a “Teaser Trailer” which will come out just
before our next Kickstarter, which we are starting to set up now. The
rendering alone on this takes quite a few hours, which is why one of the
line items on our Kickstarter budget is going to be to build a small
dedicated render cluster for the project. Other expenses include some
commissions for 3D modeling artists and animators.

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