Production Kickstarter 2013 – Ready, Set, …

We are minutes away from pushing the button to launch our 2013 production Kickstarter campaign!


I’ve been going through last-minute checks of our
Kickstarter campaign, making sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row. This
is an ambitious goal for us — we need to raise $42,000 to pay for
finishing the models and animation on our pilot episode. That will
probably take a couple of thousand backers, so we’re going to have to
work very hard to promote the campaign if we’re going to succeed.

For us the stakes are high — it would be difficult, if not
impossible to ever finish the pilot if we don’t get past this point. On
the other hand, if we do, the path towards launching the series should
get much easier (since 3D animation requires a lot of front-loaded
expenses, the first episode is going to be the hardest).

As I’ve mentioned, it will be a big help if we can get some backing
early. Kickstarters that get backed on the first day or two get a lot
more attention — and therefore get seen by more potential backers. We
even have a special “early-bird” DVD package for up to 50 people, with a
signed card, for just $20 as a special incentive for early-backers.

Thank you so much to all of you who’ve supported us this far. I really hope we’ll be animating before the year is out!

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